Santa Fe Locomotives

Hello all,
I'm new to the group so forgive if this question has come up before...I'm
interested in getting information about the type of locomotives Santa Fe
used in the 1970's. I grew up in Barstow and saw many freight trains with
the blue and yellow pulling them into the hump yard. Any links or info is
much appreciated
Eric C
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Eric Conrad
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Eric, Here's a great place to start. the AT&SF Resources and scroll down for locomotive rosters. I model the older steam era so I'm not up to speed on diesels that much but have some Santa Fe locomotives and rolling stock from the 70's era for fun. I've got some P2K GP-30s that are really nice looking and run fantastic. They are very distinctive commonly seen diesels from that era. There is a good chance you saw them at work. Bruce
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Bruce Favinger
On 11/16/04 9:12 PM, in article f25ff$419ac194$42865296$, "Eric C> Hello all,
It's almost easier to list what they didn't have!
In the 1970s, you would have found almost every model diesel ATSF had bought up to that time with these exceptions:
Alco HH series switchers FM Erie-builts Alco DL-109 EMD FT EMD E-units (?)
Here's a comprehensive roster link:
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Brian Paul Ehni
Wow, great site! Would you happen to know of something similar for SP, UP, PRR, & C&O?
Thanks, Jim
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On Wed, 17 Nov 2004 16:51:58 UTC, "Jim" wrote: 2000
I don't know of any online source for Espee but you could check out the SPH&TS website. There is a book "Southern Pacific Diesel Locomotive Compendium" vol 1 by Joe Strapac. It covers Pre-1965 SP, T&NO and Cotton Belt.
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Ernie Fisch
Jim, For the PRR go here
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This is a great site and if you like to build stuff there are tons of drawings for PRR rolling stock, structures and signals as well as roster info, pictures and so on all in .pdf format. Just down load and open them with Adobe Acrobat. For the SP try these
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excellent sites with lots of info and links to other related sites. Bruce
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Bruce Favinger
I noticed a few messages back you referred to finding some old LaBelle kits. That reminded me to look in the junk box where I have a LaBelle 1902 Diner (model HO-8); has the instruction sheet, and I believe all the parts and castings. Also a Walthers Crestline 8 section Pullman; instructions, metal sides, tarnished and mildly crimped on one end (looks like it could be pounded out). Got them at a hobby shop close out years ago, and hte one is too early and the other too late for what I want. Tried to eMail you but got bounced. Send me an eMail (no Mon, I'm not Jamaican).
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Steve Caple

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