Solution to Can Motor Torque Testing.

Figuring that I only needed to be able to test various can motors
against each other and didn't need to worry about actual torque
figures so long as I knew which motors were stronger -and by how much-
I built a small torque arm that can be easily moved from one motor to
the other.
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Materials were one DU-BRO 3/32" wheel collar (left over from my model
airplane days), a small length of .030 brass sheet, and two very small
metric machine screws to attach the wheel collar to the brass arm.
You can attach or remove the torque arm instantly via the little-bitty
Allen screw, and it will fit over anything up to a 2mm shaft, which
means it fits onto just about any can motor.
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Now all I have to do is attach the torque arm to the motor's shaft,
attach my Micro-Mark digital scale to the arm, turn on the power, and
read the amount of torqe being generated in ounces!
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The old Cannon can motor that I pulled out of a Hallmark Santa Fe
2-10-0 wouldn't even put out enough torque to register on the scale,
while the new Mashima can motor showed a reading of 1.78 Oz.!
The loco -that had previously strained to pull five cars up our 2.2%
grades- now pulls 10-12 cars up the same hill without pause, and where
it would have previously stalled out it now simply spins the drivers
when it runs out of traction.
If I add a little Bulfrog Snot to the rear set of drivers it will no
doubt pull a few more.
I love it when a plan comes together!
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Nice idea.
Post this on the Kalmbach forums as I believe many there would be interested in this project. I am going to ask Dave at NWSL to take a look at your project as he sells can motors.
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There are many users in these forums.
You might even try submitting an article to a three year old eZine that is growing a lot. This free magazine has videos embedded in the PDF's you download each month.
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