South Bend and Studebaker

I'm making plans for a N-scale layout, starting with some research. Middle
point of my layout will be Chicago or just outside. To the west Santa Fe and
probably a branch line. To the East while researching I encountered Tom
Kepshires site
formatting link
and found his many pages on South
Bend and in particular the Studebaker plant , Toms site has me obsessed with
this theme and I've already contacted him for more help. Now I'm also asking
for yours, any help with photo's , sites , trackplans , diagrams ,
recomendations of books of South Bend or the Studebaker plant till the mid
60's is much appreciated.
Thanx for your time Jan Van Gerwen
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Jan(Bouli)Van Gerwen
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Have you Googled on "Studebaker factory South Bend"? It will give you several links of interest, including:
formatting link
formatting link
If your research ever includes a trip to South Bend, I highly recommend visiting the Studebaker Museum in the old factory showroom, and after the museum, having dinner at Tippecanoe Place, a nice restaurant in the old Studebaker mansion.
I don't understand the interest in the Monon, as the CI&L never got to South Bend. I recommend you consider the New York Central as the eastern line for your RR. The NYC crossed downtown South Bend on an elevated grade that passed just north of the Studebaker complex, and had an interesting downtown station that still stands. The NYC coordinated with the Santa Fe to operate some of the few coast-to-coast Pullmans that could add interest to your operations. And the NYC had a large yard at Elkhart, Indiana just east of South Bend that could serve as your east end staging yard. Geezer
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Thanks Geezer
As I live in The Netherlands , it probably won't be soon, but when I visit the States again I will try to visit South Bend
Tom Kepshire's site has a large piece about his home town South Bend.
I recommend you consider the New York Central as the eastern line for
I was thinking more of Grand Trunk for going through South Bend, and if I'm not mistaken Grand Trunk and Santa Fe shared Dearborn Station in Chicago. As did the Wabash, wich I'm also thinking of to the East.
The NYC coordinated with the Santa Fe to operate
Now that might be of interest, for a staging yard.
I've also been thinking of Hidden staging yards behind a background supposing to be Chicago , just a little part of suburban Chicago where the trains of the Santa Fe , Wabash and Grand Trunk would enter the City on their way to Dearborn, does that make any sense.
Greetings Jan
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