Stripping Paint

Grins, yes, various strains of alchohol certainly DO mix with water. Looks off into the middle distance with an innocent look.

Anyway, I will take the suggestions of both you gentlemen to mind.

I remember Kroger, up well north of me in Georgia. I was in the Eckerds parking lot today... don't ask why, just... don't ask. Just say as how I am thankful for my trailer towing ball, and there is a lady who is cussing her inattention, and the impact of aforesaid trailer ball on her front bumper. and forgot to run in to the store. Duh! Well, I will run out tomorrow. I want an excuse anyway to try a sandwich from Firehouse Subs.

And, if you think about it, under Federal Law and Regulation, Life would probably be banned as a hazard to Life! Nobody gets out alive! And Life is definitely hazardous to your health!


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Well, mine are literally twenty plus years old. I even have one still in the Atlas plastic box, unrun, and unopened. But I do really like those C linears, and the Sharknoses, and the PA-1's. The one sitting in the box is still sitting virgin. The one I am attacking has been rather battered, so no loss. I took some folks suggestions to mind about LED's and IC's, grabbed my dremel tool and had at. We will see how it works. I have even gotten hold of some tuner cleaner and given its electric contacts a good going over. We shall see. Thanks. Paul

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