Summer 2011 SouthErneR now online (excuse the typo on the cover)

OK, before someone jumps out there and says "Hey wait a minute, I haven't gotten my print version yet. What gives?" OR "What typo?"

Well, the now quite late (my fault) print version is on the way! However I got energized recently and then finished adding stuff to the online version of the Summer issue so I went ahead and sent it off to our webmaster Scott Povlot who put it up on the website last night and so here it is a tad early or late depending on your point of view.

Typo?, yeah, well under "Letters From Crawford" it says "25 year...", that should read "15 year". Did not catch it until just now. Well, I can fix that and send Scott the corrected version.

Anyway, the link below takes you to the publications page with the 65- page online version of the Summer 2011 SouthErneR V52 #3.5. This issue has photos from Sacramento on the Cal State Railroad Museum and an N-Scale module of Cheyenne Yard in 1959 (to scale) that was in the contest room during the NMRA convention there in July.

Only a 13.5 MB download but well worth the wait if you still have dialup!

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BTW, I had them position the UP module directly in front of the table I was taking photo entries at so I could look down the length of the yard towards the coal tower with the roundhouse behind it. Really awesome! The guy who built this also won the NMRA/UP photo contest last year and got the cab ride in


Paul Voelker SER Editor NMRA Photo Contest

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