Bentall Pioneer

Hi All
Any information about on the above engine, are parts generally available or
as scarce as hens teeth? This is advertised locally and wouldn't mind a bit
of gen prior to giving it the once over.
Thanks in advance
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Which part of country are you, tried to reply direct but got your email bounced back.
Martin P
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N Wales.
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Roland Craven
Paul's got a manual listed on Internal Fire, Anthony. A small fee to register than you've got access to loads of useful manuals.
Parts *are* like hen's teeth, only rarer. You would have to make (or get made) anything required, so if not complete it could be an expensive job. I rather like the Pioneers, though there are those who say that they are very agricultural. There was a very nice larger model at Astle a couple of years back.
Let us know how you get on.
Regards, Arthur G
scarce as hens teeth? This is
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Arthur G
Well worth aquiring if you are a fan of 'classic' open crank engines. Unusual feature (for this style of engine) is side valve layout with both valves mechanically operated. ISTR also that the crank case is a two piece affair vertically split and that the mains are self aligning bushes with spherical OD. A weak point apparently was lubrication system, a single oil box feeding the various bearings via small bore tubes - great for an industrial engine but liable to blockage in a more 'agricultural' environment. No spares support though.
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Nick H

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