Blackstone Horizontal 50 Hp Diesel. circa 1950

Has anyone come across a Blackstone 50 Horsepower single flywheel diesel with separate cooling. I found one in the United Arab Emirates some 20 years ago and shipped it back to UK. I exhibited it and one gentleman told me, - and I quote. "I know my Blackstones, but I have never seen one like that before." I don't think any were made for the UK market and those that went abroad, did not come back. (It all weighs several tons.) How mine did come back will be covered in the personal section of my website over the next few weeks. There will be lots of pictures.

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I would like to learn that it is the only one in UK!

George Bell.

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George Bell
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Hello George,

Interesting tale to be told here and I look forward to reading it.

Are you new to the group or have you been lurking? You are most welcome anyway ;o)) Not enough big stuff about these days.


Kim Siddorn

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J K Siddorn

Hi, Looks like an SP, manual on the website.

Supplied both home and abroad and I'm fairly sure Geoff has an RP or SP at The Anson. I know of 2 RPs still installed and would think there are more as a fair number were sold.

Cheers Paul

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Internal Fire, Museum of Power, Wales

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Paul Evans

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