Blackstone Horizontal 50 Hp Diesel. circa 1950

Hi Kim,
I have been here before, but am not what you would call a regular, My
new website has sparked a bit of interest in the Blackstone and so I
thought I would try and find out a bit more about it. Next time I go
to UK I shall get the serial number as that appears to be crucial.
I hope to get it in a state where I can run it regularly to generate
electricity in Norfolk as the supply is a bit unreliable in windy
winters. I would like to try and run it from a big propane supply
using the diesel only for ignition. If anyone has done this I would be
glad to hear from them. I shall plumb the water supply into the house
central heating too to keep the engine warm, - and to warm the house
when it is running.
The second installment of the story is being written now and covers
the moving of the Engine from Abu Dhabi to Felixstowe and on to
Norfolk. It will be posted on my site in a few days. I have a very
nice US Witte flat twin diesel that only needs a fuel pump and
rebuilding to make that go too. Life's too short and there is only so
much that can be done during leaves in UK.
Thanks for your interest. Regards George.
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I initially read this as 'electricity for Norfolk'. I thought it a bit ambitious, even for a 50 horse Blackstone...
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