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Are Easy Start spray cans still available? I've tried local motor factors without luck and one reckoned they had been banned.

Regards, Pete.

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Peter Mounsey
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Gosh that brings back memories. Was with the GPO, tended to specialise in power (because everyone else was terrified, being light current.) On a new battery being commissioned, a Coventry Victor 2 cyl hor opposed diesel genny was sent in to charge it. Sick of cranking one day, I bought a can of Bradex easy-start. Sure, it stared the beast; the resultant revs scared me stiff!


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John Nice

---------------------------------------------------------- Still available.Bought some last week £1.50 a can I used carb cleaner on a reluctant lawn mower.A quick burst in the intake worked a treat,instant start and only £1 a can !!! Mike.H.

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Hi John, I have completed 40+ years with BT including being the generator & Battery man in a large exchange. Have you seen

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might bring back memories.

-- Dave Croft Warrington England

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Dave Croft

specialise in

Hi Pete yes its still around the best place to try is your local tractor repair workshop they will have it in stock or if you want the type you fit to the machine with the large canister any fleetgard stockist will get the kit in for you

Nick Holden Banbury Oxfordshire (UK) snipped-for-privacy@holden1.net

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You could always try a whiff of this stuff...!

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This has been mentioned on the NG before and a friend managed to get me an empty can, makes a good talking point !! I can't comment on whether it works though :-) !!

Regards David

-- Stationary Engines Scotland

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Watch out for the spamtrap !

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David McC

What's the view here about using Easy Start? I have been led to believe that once you started an engine (or at least a hand cranked diesel engine) on Easy Start it would never again start without it. Is there any truth in this? Does Easy Start damage engines?

David Mack

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Yes it can do and is easily done. You only need the mere-ist wiff of E/S, even a 1/2 second blast is too much, especially on a small single or twin cylinder.

The violent pre-igntion which shatters the compression rings is what causes the damage.


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This is a recurring theme here and most experienced engine men seem to be against its use, especially in Diesels. I believe it invalidates Volvo warranty.

That said, it is a useful tool to have in the box for us petrol heads, as the lower compression is less destructive. I've decided to buy (or not) several engines now that have had no petrol tank by squidging a short burst into the inlet tract and been rewarded with bang-bang-bang when spinning it over. It tells you lots about spark, compression, plug, insulation and the bottom end.

I'd not readily use it on compression-ignition engines, purely on the Received Wisdom on this NG, but I have found it is handy for petrol burning engines.

Usual disclaimers!


Kim Siddorn.

Post hoc, ergo propter hoc!

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Kim Siddorn

"Kim Siddorn" wrote (snip):-

A number of diesels were fitted as standard with ether starting aids, so it would appear that as a breed they are not totally allergic to the stuff. Having said that, I have used it in the Pink Pig (Kubota KND 3) and the first few detonations do rather sound as if those parts which are supposed to remain inside are about to make a guest appearance! The current SEM has an article about a very similar engine (Yanmar?) and I was interested to note that the starting drill for that (apparently as per instruction manual) requires a 'few drops' of petrol to be placed in the priming cup on the inlet pipe. I might try that and see if the results are less violent.

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Nick H

Yes, i get it from the local pound shop, and use it as an instant degreaser spray, it'll clean off any sludge off any thing ! and you dont need water like jizer.

Even B&Q sell Bradex.

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