Enfield HO2 Mk3 - as new

My father has one of the above inboard horizontally opposed twin cylinder diesel engines which is surplus to requirements due to him fitting a lighter engine in his launch.

The engine is ex Navy and has never been used since being refurbished in 1979. It is complete with stater/dynamo, gearbox and gauges.

Please send me an email if you're interested and I'll either get you more information or put you in touch directly. I have some photos of the engine that I could send if required.

Cheers, Iain

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Gosh, that took me back a bit. I well remember at Dartmouth in 1962 hand starting the Enfields installed in motor cutters. It involved lying almost flat under the 'cabin' roof and cranking, whilst hoping one's mate wouldn't flip the decompressor until you shouted. One day he did, and I got a dislocated finger as a result. We envied the kitchen rudder boats' crews: their 4-cyl Dormans had electric start.

Oh happy-ish days


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