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Gentlemen:- At a rally this weekend I was asked to help source a cylinder head gasket for a Lister CD diesel. I would have thought this would not have been too much of a problem but the person asking has lots of experience of all things vintage and apparently it is proving more of a challenge than he thought. Any suggestions where to try??

-- Regards John M Southall

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John, Bryan Harfield offers copper gaskets for every engine each month in SEM.

Tel 01204 305051

Regards, Arthur G

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I haven't seen a genuine or even a pattern CD head gasket for some years, although I do have some CE gaskets here.

Solid copper gaskets may be a problem with the CD and others as there are things like compression clearance and such to think about. Against that, a copper gasket is flatter and less likely to pull down cockeyed.

As there are quite a few pattern Copper/Composite gaskets being made for the 3/1 and 5/1 engines, I assume that someone has the facility to make up 'proper' gaskets to order, but a batch would be relatively expensive to have made with an uncertain market for them.

I have one CD which I am leaving the head very firmly on at present!


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