Please a desperate man needs your help, with spare parts

has anyone anywhere, got a Inlet Valve for a PETTER A, Type, Early edition?

if so is it for sale? as mine has been bent and the engine ran like it before i had own, this has ruined the valve totally, even the shaft the seat is connected to is chipped.

pictures are alivliable for anyone who needs help? with my awful descriptions.

it measures about 38mm, width(seat), and about 95mm tall)8mm diameter shaft,

thanks, Martyn

im new to this group and dont know what everyone collects,

i collect PETTER A's although i do have a few Listers,

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Martyn Butler
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Your best bet assuming you live in a town is to visit all of your local engine rebuilders as Valve shape and design has not changed much and you may find one which is so similar in size as to be perfect. They may also be able to recut your valve seats as well. I collect anything I can afford and my wife does not see :-))

Martin P

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if you subscribe to Stationary Engine mag, place an ad in the Parts Wanted section (its free to subscribers). If you don't subscribe, you ought to, its well worth it.

I'm sure there will be several people with knackered Petter A engines who could supply you with a valve.

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Arthur Griffin & Jeni Stanton

section (its free to subscribers). If you

supply you with a valve.

That was a trifle beneath dignity for you. Martyn Butler was asking about a specific part and you tried to sell him a subscription to a magazine.

I'm sure he would sooner die now than subscribe.

In previous similar threads, people have been referred to addresses and phone numbers of parts stockists or given contact details for engineering works to have stuff made. Sometimes specific stall holders at gatherings are recommended.

Naturally each to his own. Kurt

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Kurt Wahlers

Infra dig? That seemed fairly innocuous to me - and Arthur is right, in my humble opinion. A sub to Stationary Engine Magazine is probably worth the cover price for the small ads alone. At least Arthur was trying to be helpful...

Of course you could try Thorntons (?) in Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury - one of the best stockists of piston and valve bits in the country.




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Peter Scales

Kurt said,

Sorry Kurt,

if I've offended you in some way. The Wanted ads have worked well for me in the past and SEM has taught me a lot about engines. I don't benefit in any way from someone subscribing to the mag, as I have no connection with it.

Having looked around some trade stalls at Welland yesterday, I saw no Petter A bits, so I felt this was the most constructive I could be.

Incidentally Martyn, don't give up on someone here for a few days as some of the other group folk will be back home from Welland and they may be able to help.

Arthur G

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Arthur Griffin & Jeni Stanton

As a general problem, finding replacement valves & springs is one of our easier tasks. Was chatting to a local chap with a very nicely running Blackstone vertical. Non-original, in red oxide, but ran superbly!

He told me it was seriously corroded when he found it, with no valves or springs left. Ho found suitable replacements by machining down the easiest to find oversize, which in his case was a Volvo valve & A55 springs.

You'll need a mike or measuring stick to estimate what you had, & a Hepolite or AE catalogue to wade through. They can usually be found in your local serious motor factors.

As always, finding some NOS is the easy option! Some good stockists advertise in Old Bike Mart.


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There is a firm called

Diesel Plant Services Old Workshop,Rowms Lane Mexborough, South Yorkshire S648AA

who rebuild Lister and Petter engines, I know they have pistons and other bits for the 'A' so maybe they would be worth a try for a valve, they should be in the phonebook.

Regards Ian

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Ian R

Thanks for everyones help, i have checked my phone book and cannot locate the number, i live in kent this may have somethign to do with it, dose anyone know it, Martyn

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Martyn Butler

BT online directory enquiries gives 01709 571465 or fax 01709 577212

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