More astle park...

I have just uploaded my pictures from Astle Park if you want to see
them go to
formatting link
, there is most the usual suspects on
there including Gary and Steve Millward with there big ole lister N
which was running nicely and Dan Howdans lovely crossley 2 stroke hot
bulb and PTE with his big thumping Atomic to name a few, A good rally
with lots of interesting engines .
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There's always something about Dan and Hernia creating Engines, Nice to see Gary and Steve in their usual pose as well and as for Philip. What can one say :-))
Martin P
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I've spent rather more time than usual fiddling with my photos, naming, cropping, sorting & adjusting clarity & colour balance.
Arthur Griffin said nice things about the photos I took of Len Gillings ST Model H at Lister-Tyndale & thus enthused, I've taken rather more shots than I otherwise might of the unusual & close ups from several angles in some cases. My interests are far from mainstream as most here will know, so (for instance) the Thorneycroft marine & the Crossley VOE6 - a two stroke single with more than 500 parts! - came in for special attention. I hope you find something to interest you.
I'm, still working on the Anson set, but there is a nice, round 100 pics to look at at
formatting link
Kim Siddorn
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Kim Siddorn
Looked like a good show lads , Thanks for the pics - Its down for next year , I might see about bringing an engine over :))
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