Astle Steam Park Rally & Anson Engine Museum & Old Computers

Last of our round trips before we depart for the USA.
Had an hour of breezy but mild weather at Astle Park, taking pictures of the
steam stuff for some friends in the states.
Had a look at the engines, but nothing I hadn't seen at the engine rally,
excepting the Pochin Gardner, which was very nice indeed, if a little spoilt by
the guard rail which was always in the shot.
Spent yet more time with Geoff at the Anson, didn't have the camera the last two
visits, so made up for that today.
The recovered switchboard is apparently going to be erected alongside the big
Mirrlees single cylinder engine at the end of the new building. Another board
should be available later this year.
Then we drove a short way to pick up three Osborne luggables that we bought on
fleabay recently. We already had two, but these came with some software as well,
so hopefully we can play. Screens are less than 5" diagonal..... 320k single
sided 5-1/4" floppies, no hard drives etc etc.
Out at 09.30, back at 7pm.
Pictures mostly came out OK, missed the big external flash on a few shots, but
generally they were OK.
Peter & Rita Forbes
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Peter A Forbes
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Hi We spent a very enjoyable day at the Anson yesterday :) Dont post much on here but do lurk a lot and do enjoy the banter.
David Marsden
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David Marsden

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