Astle Park Rally

We went to the show on Friday, Saturday was the hottest day I have known at a
As Marjorie my wife is confined to the caravan by disability I decided to go
home Saturday
night as the heat was affecting her health.
English weather being what it is this morning we had torrential rain with the
roads awash but
the south of the country had the hottest day for 120 years.
To see yesterdays photo's see,
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Dave Croft
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Dave Croft
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If that's an Ogle I'll eat my hat!!! It looks very like one of Mr Bradfords devices with an Ogle plate stuck on it. Not really a surprise, as Bradford were the largest contract engine supplier before the war, and their engines are to be found with all sorts of plates on them.
Best Regards
Philip T-E
Who spent an enjoyable weekend slowly melting at Knowl Hill Rally :-))
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"ClaraNET" wrote (snip):-
As the owner of a very similar engine with Bradford ID plate, I'll second that.
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Nick Highfield

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