2007 Astle Park & Anson Engine Museum

I have just found out that the museum is selling coach tickets in
advance via their on-line shop. As they sold out by 11:00 last year I
have already got mine on order. Seems an easy way to guarantee your
seats on the bus. See
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I can't wait to see these
new engines from London Science Museum.
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No need for me, I have drawn the short straw and being told that it is my turn to drive there from the rally site this year.
It just means that I cant have a pint durning the day. :(
Mike M
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I'm hoping to visit the 1000 this year - so it will almost certainly rain!
BTW anyone seen the 2006 DVD - is it mainly enginey or does it waste time on all the 'side shows'?
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Nick H
When is it.
Martin P
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all details can be found on the website
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See you guys then.
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