Astle Park 1000 engine rally

I dont know if anyone is aware that there has been an upset in the
organisation of the Astle park 1000 engine, there is now a dedicated
website at ....
formatting link

You can download the entry form from here as they have not been posted
out as yet, this may have allready been coverd if so I will get back
in my cuboard and continue tinkering.
PS Who is going this year I will be there with the latest project a MK
peter s ???????
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I received two copies of the entry form in the mail on my side of the pond probably two months ago. I had filled out a self-addressed envelop at last year's rally. And had promptly forgotten about it. It was pretty wierd seeing an envelop with British postmarks and my handwriting.
See ya, Arnie
Arnie Fero Pittsburgh, PA USA fero
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Hi Bob i all ready have my pass it came in the post last week Nick
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I shall be there, the paperwork arrived mid-week. Gave me a caravan pass for some reason ........
Kim Siddorn
Diplomacy done, plates spun, fires fought, maidens eaten - well, three out of four ain't bad
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Kim Siddorn
Same here, arrived last week, noticed that you are not allowed on site till Friday. Cheers, MartinH
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martin hirst
Doesnt it say that every year though. Can't see it stopping half the exhibitors turning up on the thursday to be honest. Ill be going down on the Friday morning anyway, so it doesnt really affect me.
Mike M
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There used to be a paragraph that said if you arrived on the Thursday, there was a camping fee of £5. Now just has no entry to rally field before Friday. Might be something to do with the insurance, as some of our local rallies have stated they will have to make a charge for the Saturday night, due to the cost of insurance !!
Cheers, MartinH
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martin hirst

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