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You could use Word, that is pretty much available anywhere now, but we can let you have a copy if not.
If you're going to print it out then that will do. We also have Adobe Pagemaker but that's probably too much for the use it will get.
Peter -- Peter & Rita Forbes Email:
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Peter A Forbes
Newsletter as in something sent out electronically, or newsletter as in the traditional paper-based affair?
(for the latter, Openoffice should do nicely I would have thought)
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The Wessex SEC publish a monthly newsletter of which I currently have the honour to be editor. I use Word 2000, two columns, photos etc. It runs to four A4 pages, printed A3 & circulated to every member by post each month. You can peer at the archive here.
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Which reminds me I must do 2009!
Kim Siddorn
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Thanks Gents,
I have word but I thought I would be lazy and see if there was a simple bit of software that did the layouts for you :-))
Martin P
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It doesn't have something as template already? I would be surprised but maybe the templates only come with the "Office" versions?
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Dave Liquorice

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