Old Sodbury

I expect to be going to the sortout on Sunday morning with my trailer. Not taking it because I want to buy anything but it will be on the car after I have emptied it at the tip which is en-route to the venue. Now for the crux of this post, if anyone gets carried away and needs anything moving away (1.5 tons max, owners risk), please email me direct before Friday, 17.00. I live near Abingdon so can take stuff home and hold it pending collection. I must stress, this is for 1 week MAX as I shall need my trailer next weekend. If anyone is REALLY desperate, I can deliver. Distances to be short as time is short, also petrol money needed as my money is short. Sorry to sound like a tight **** but I have been caught out in the past.


BTW, I know the sortout is really on Saturday, just my sense of humour picturing folks grabbing their keyboards.

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