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If anyone has a Sony digital camera with a CCD sensor that has failed (no
picture or blurred picture) there is a free repair programme being run by Sony.
One of our cameras died during the winter for no reason, and after a bit of
investigation we found details of the Sony programme on the net.
Here is one of the sites with the details and a list of affected models.
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Ours is on its way this morning after a quick call to confirm eligibility for
the return. It's a Freepost address and there is a form to download and fill in
AFTER contacting the Service Centre who will give to a code to write on the
return form.
There is no return programme if the camera is working normally, they say that
the programme will run for the foreseeable future, which is reassuring as we
have another of the affected models which is OK at present.
Interesting to see how many other camera makers have bought their CCD's from
Peter A Forbes
Prepair Ltd, Luton, UK
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This true of Minolta Dinax 7 as well. Mine was very nearly in the bin but a chance internet search showed up the return programe...now all working again. Brian
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Brian Lambert
In article , Prepair Ltd writes
AIUI, among the other manufacturers only Canon make their own sensors, and even then they make CMOS sensors for their higher range stuff and buy in CCD sensors for the bog standard compacts.
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David Littlewood
Now I know it is bad form to reply to your own message, but I ment to say Minolta Dimage 7 not dinax 7
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Brian Lambert
You won't be the first, and certainly not the last to do it! :-))
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