Petter A1 Piston Rings

I am restoring a PETTER A1 stationary engine and whilst inspecting the pistons I found that one of the piston was broken.

Does anyone have an old one or know where I could get one?



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Whilst not for a Petter I had success in getting a ring for an obscure compressor from :

F.W. Thornton & Co. in Shrewsbury.

Tel: 01743 357081

If you know the size / specification it might be worth giving them a call.

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Pat Martindale

If you are stuck give this guy a try, he`s local to me and seems to be able to do whatever you want.

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Cheers, MartinH

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Martin Hirst

I haven't dealt with them for a long time but Bradford Piston Ring Company used to give a very good service. They say "Established in 1935 we are proud to be the most experienced manufacturers of PISTON RINGS in the UK" Try

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Dave Croft

as im so sexi, joke

ill see what i can do for you, what ring was you after i have lots of spare parts for the PETTER A type engine, if not im sure i know where i can send ya or help ya, i know i got a few but the condition of them is unknown as they've been sorted out by my mother,

thanks neway good luck with ur restoration there a great engine espiscally the first sound of firing when they are complete, jus makes you proud to feel you've done the work.

thanks, Martyn, if u got any other parts missing i might be able to help you as well, EXCEPT Valves they seem to be like rocking horse pooh, so much infact im having to get some made,

best wishes, Martyn

PS is it the standard piston or has your engine had a rebore!

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Martyn Butler

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