Re: Items "kept just in case"

>If anyone wants a pair of free (cost rather than turning, although one >does) Enfield horizontally opposed air-cooled diesel engines that, when >they were stored 20 years ago under tarpaulins under the dinghy mould in >the garden, were thought of as possibly capable of producing one working >one, they are welcome to them. > >There's too much other junk to mention, but I really must do some >sorting and 'spares or repair' advertising on ebay. > >I have some alternators, and one is almost certainly 24 volt. Is there >any simple way of discovering the working voltage of an unmarked >alternator? > >I'm bill at itsound dot demon dot co dot uk if anyone happens to be >pining for Enfields and is strong enough to remove them.

There's some big blokes on the group I've Xposted this to!


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