Southern Cross Diesel

Anyone else been following the Southern Cross diesel with no reserve and =A30.50 opening bid?

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As he was prepared to "weigh it in" rather than sell for a pound, he obviously did not value it much at all. I'm not in the market for another engine, (yet!), but rather than it being part of a "chinese take-away", and there were no bids, I was going to drop a late bid in above its scrap value, (hoping not to get it, as you do), as it is unusual and only 40 miles away. IIRC it was on it's last day when the vendor withdrew it from sale for "error in listing". This was after the registrar for SC engines contacted him. See questions. Curious, I asked the vendor if the engine will be re-listed. This was his reply:-

Dear xxxxx, first one with =A3250 gets it, thanks, pete

- lfccarolfc

All of a sudden its worth a bit more! Wonder what the error was? As I write it has not yet been re-listed.

Regards, Dave Carter.

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Had it on my watch list - no intention of bidding but it was sufficiently interesting and unusual for me to be curious.

Nick H.

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Nick H

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