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I don't know about you lot but I spent most of today trying to find the
inside of my garage / workshop with the aim of getting on with a project.
Having got rid of a trailer load of stuff the other weekend I still don't
have enough room.
I need to make a small stand to take my latest milling machine off the floor
which then means I have to find somewhere to put it, catch 22 I think.
I have an exhaust flange to repair and I need to make the missing bit,
should I weld old cast iron to new or drill and pin it. I favour the later.
Your thoughts please on that one.
I need to re-cut the valve seats on my Lister M, I assume I need to make a
seat cutter or does somebody out there have one big enough, the valve heads
are at least 2 ins across.
Martin P
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I went off to bed about 8pm as I have had one of 'those' weekends after a week away in the 'States and the subsequent jet lag after too much travelling.
Leak on the roof meant an excursion up to the flat top and make adjustments/repairs yesterday, off to Bicester/Bournemouth/Lymington today to collect some ebay bits and pieces and deliver something to Rita's twin sister.
Got up again after a couple of hours, couldn't get to sleep, too much buzzing in my pointy head!
We have a Sykes-Pickavant hand seat cutter set in the workshop somewhere, and also there's an electric cutter set in the workshop at work 'somewhere'. You're welcome to borrow either, just give me a few days to find them....
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I dragged the Souix Valve Seat kit out from the depths of our workshop, quite a feat in itself!
It's more complex than I thought, it is USA-built but has a 220V motor, and there is a substantial jig for facing up the stones for doing the seats with, plus a big selection of valve guide adaptors.
The stones are mixed new and used, but I couldn't see one that would go to 2".
I'll put a post on one of the US engine groups and see if stones are still available. They have a steel threaded insert in the centre of each stone.
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peter, this is sammm. on that valve seat stone, is it to be 2" OD or is it to finish a seat for a 2 " valve? wouldn't that need to be a bit bigger OD? i'll check sources here in the local auto refurbers between hosting some visitors coming. i'm near pittsburgh, pa, usa, (washington, pa.) sam
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Hi Sam:
Got your email as well, many thanks.
I believe that the valve head is 2", but Martin could confirm that?
We have tracked down a number of suppliers of the stones, now, apparently Sioux are no longer in the automotive business, but their technical dept sent me a listing of possible sources for the stones, and another contact also sent a similar list and a couple of website url's.
"Sorry, Sioux Tools is no longer in the Automotive Equipment Business and we have no parts or accessories. Please see the attached for possible sources for your needs. "
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Lacey Williams (L & L Service Co) Ph. 908-387-0087 Fax 908-387-0187 Bark's Equipment ---------------- Ph. 800-545-0545 Fax 573-335-7712 JL Woodward Co ---------------- Ph. 800-433-1870 Fax 503-657-0144 Goodson Automotive -------------- Ph. 800-533-8010 Fax 507-452-2907 Hopper Equipment ---------------- Ph. 909-946-6800 Fax 909-946-0600 Regis Manufacturing ------------- Ph. 214-421-5171 Fax 214-565-1704 Uni-Select USA ------------------ Ph. 651-633-8111 Fax 651-633-0533 Engine Parts Whse --------------- Ph. 502-937-7258 Fax 502-931-9259 Engine Rebuilders Whse ---------- Ph. 954-792-9800 Fax 954-792-1757
Other Possible Sources
Stultz Mach Tls & Equip --------- Ph. 540-981-9359 Fax 540-981-1901 Ron Owens ----------------------- Ph. 405-670-6211 Fax 405-670-4003 Kwik-way ------------------------ Ph. 800-533-5953 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
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