Throttle Control Lister SL1

Hi Gents - Ladies(?)

I am returning an 18ft 'double ender' boat with Lister SL1 engine back to its former glory. I posted on this group some time ago a question about where to go for bearings & parts. Pleased to say that most of the bearings and wearable parts were found without too much difficulty.

I now need some sort of speed control lever. The orignal on the boat was a lashed up rig of bike cables and a lever of unknown origin, but probably off a lawnmower. I would like a more appropriate throttle quadrant that looks the part. Anyone got one lurking, unwanted under the bench, or could make a suggestion of where to look to find such a device? All printable suggestions would be gratefully recieved !

regards to all

Stuart Knowles, Doncaster

ps if, under the bench, you find a SL1 diesel tank with less holes in the bottom than Liza's bucket, please drop me a line

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Stu Knowles
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