What does a Geest 3 wheel garden truck look like? No such thing in Canada

I was discussing Lister Autotrucks with a fellow farmer here in BC Canada,
we had found
lots of links to photos of these units that neither of us had ever seen
before, another fellow
raised in Yorkshire, mentioned using a garden truck called a GEEST back home
and I was
wondering if there were any photos of this device online or could someone
email some photos?
Spud- with a Lister SR1 in the basement
nospam ve7ifd at rac dot ca nospam: delete the nospams and you can figure
out the rest.

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I cannot help with pics,however try link below
formatting link
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As a wild guess, this might not have been a truck/tractor _made_ by Geest, but it might have belonged to Geest at one time.
Geest is a big UK fruit importer and wholesaler, particularly in the banana trade. Given their large-scale involvement with fruit markets, they'd probably have had their own little trucks and they'd have had Geest logos plastered all over them. This one may then have been bought S/H and kept its logos.
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Andy Dingley
The item he was referring to was three wheeled, engine powered and steered Power Barrow or Garden Truck,operated by rotating the engine and drive wheel by means of a pipe handle with motorcycle handlebar controls as you walked beside or in front of the machine.
This may have been a Lister Autotruck with an ambulatory operator kit, wearing , as you suggested, a GEEST shipping company label stuck on the front,
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Geest used lots of these trucks and eventually started making them for their own use and anyone else who wanted one - I think they were based on the Wrigley design or at least something similar. Still loads in use in the Market Gardens in the Fens.
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Dan Howden
In message , Dan Howden writes
Do they grow bananas there?
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Martin Phillips

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