Woody pulley

I bought a so-called wooden pulley off eBay - you probably saw it there. It arrived this morning & is one of the more interesting things I've bought recently. It isn't wood, but some odd kind of wood chip composition I've not come across before. I'd say from the look of it that it was moulded, not turned from bar stock.

The wood chips are small - say 3/16" to 1/4" - & there is a sturdy steel boss in the centre of the crowned pulley. It cost £8.17 to send & the postage charged was £10, the cost of the pulley being a whole 99p!



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Sounds interesting, just don't let it get wet! :)


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It might end up snowing :-)) Martin P

snipped-for-privacy@uk> Sounds interesting, just don't let it get wet! :)

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No, I think it wood (!) be up for any amount of wetting with water, it looks to me like a Proper Job, not something that someone ran up in his workshop on a winter's afternoon. I've just never seen anything quite like it before - which is really why I bid a tenner on it, worth that to assuage my curiosity!


Kim Siddorn.

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Kim Siddorn

Perhaps its been phenol impregnated? Any chance of some decent pics please. The one on Ebay was poor. ttfn Roland

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Roland Craven

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