Any model rail shops in NW London

As title ... looking for anywhere with a "NW" postcode (or within spitting
distance). Reply here or by mail please. Need to do a bit of shopping whilst
I'm at work tomorrow.
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Chris Wilson
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The Model Shop in Harrow. Covers about every type of modelling, but seems to have a good 4mm railway section with a fair selection of S/H stuff on shelves. I'm not a 4mm proprietary expert, but they seem to have a good selection. Plenty of bits and pieces for scratchbuilding. Also have people serving who seem to know what they are about.
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Jim Guthrie
Bit far perhaps, but I'll have to see what's waiting for me when I get in to work, if it's quiet I might make it (I'm based in St Jon's Wood), all I'm after is a single points motor and some rail joiners ... after SWHTBO saw this month's bill from Mainly Trains I've had to resort to "pocket money" I certainly daren't go mail order. ;-)
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Chris Wilson

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