Anyone got any of the following for sale?

I'm looking to purchase/swap/obtain the following, if anyone's interested please reply of list to c wilson @ britwar .co .uk (no spaces anywhere in the address).

Two or three really shitty *pre BR* 00 gague 57'-70' carriages -

The sort of things you find at the bottom of traders boxes at swap- meets/shows, the sort of thing that you know will never sell. I?m not at all interested in condition other than the under-frame should be reasonably complete and all wheels - which should be reasonably modern - in order to get through modern trackwork must be present.

Other than that I really don?t care, windows missing, cracks in the body, loose roof, no couplings ... really don?t care so long as they roll (required for very extensive conversion).

And any 6 coupled N gauge or 009 locomotive, condition is immaterial other than wheels must be complete and it has a working motor. Required for the initial testing of trackwork pending me constructing some kit built stock in the distant future and nothing else ... shittier the better (to save costs).

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Chris Wilson
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