Bachmann 37/0

Not seen one in the flesh yet, but looking at pictures in the model press show er, erm, the nose front just looks wrong. Can I assume they were pre-production models? Other's have mentioned the tail lights are to high, the buffers are to low, the buffer beam cowling is to deep. How about no O/H warning signs above the headcode boxes. Absence of blue star multiple working signs. Absence of vertical handrails between tail lights and sandbox fillers. I'll still probably buy 1 or 2 or 308 (then transfer all the CF and LE ones to Thornaby. Can't think of another way to get them out of Wales.)

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Trespasser wrote:-

It looks 'okay' to me:-

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They at least have the step under the driver's door right and with any luck the green disc headcode version of the Type 4 will have this corrected when it finally comes out. It's a very good runner as well with or without DCC. My experience of Type 3's is limited to watching them double heading empty coal trains on the line between Kenilworth and Nuneaton which ran alongside our school.


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Your keen, presumably your aim is owning the whole 37/x class in 4mm scale.....

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