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I'm looking at buying a new loco (steam) for my (small) layout. Looking through the Bachmann Branch Line catalog, I quite like the LMS Crab's, the Collett Goods, and the Ivatt Class 4's. But, the catalogue, unlike the Hornby one, does not state if the loco's are suited to 1st radius curves. Can anyone shed any light on whether any of the above can run on 1st radius curves ?

(Before some of the purist's go off about 1st radius not being scale, I do this for my personal enjoyment, not to do it to scale/historical accuracy - and I don't have much space available)

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Ian Cornish
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Just what is a "1st radius" curve? Can't you just specify in inches (or cm)? Besides, different "systems" have different specs for "1st radius/small radius", etc.

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Wolf Kirchmeir

"Ian Cornish" wrote

Most of the larger Bachmann and Hornby locos require *at least* 2nd radius curves, and I'd certainly suggest that the Crab and the Ivatt 4MT (when it's eventually released) will want the larger radius. The Collett 0-6-0 should be ok on first radius.


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John Turner

In message , Ian Cornish writes

Yes it does. Look at the Contents page (page 3). The first sentence after the table of contents says

Bachmann Products are not recommended for use on First Radius Curve Track.

I don't think anybody has the right to complain about 1st radius not being scale, because even in the most fine-scale of layouts there are many things that are not to scale. Just make sure you enjoy yourself.

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John Sullivan

hear hear



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I don't mean to flame Wolf but IIRC in the UK 1st Radius = 18" for 00 and 9" for N-gauge. This being "uk.rec.models.rail" the original poster's terminology is perfectly valid.


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In message , kim writes

No it isn't. First radius is 371 mm. according to the latest Hornby catalogue, which when dividing by 25.4 gives 14.6 inches.

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John Sullivan

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