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Bachmann Deltics

The society's Limited Edition Models of 55009 will now be delivered in March. We were hoping for a delivery before Christmas thus we started processing peoples credit cards and banking remaining cheques.

As delivery has been delayed, the DPS will not process any more cards until the models are received. A start was made as this is a huge undertaking for a purely voluntary Society and the Society work has to be fitted in with "normal" day to day life. We are sorry for the delay which is outside our control. We are assured by Bachmann that the models have been produced and will be sent to reach us by March.

Models of Nimbus have been received and anyone who ordered this model ONLY from us should have received it. Models of Queens Own Highlander will arrive in the UK on January 20th for a February distribution. Quite a few people have ordered all three different models from us (thankyou). If you are one of these we still have your Nimbus It was intended to send them out all together. In view of the delay we will start sending Nimbus out to you on Monday January 12th and Queens Own Highlander as soon as they arrive. We will do our best to despatch Alycidon as quickly as possible after delivery. Thankyou all for your continuing patience.

It was intended to do a follow on model of 55019 for release in May but in view of the delay to 55009 this is almost certain to be postponed. Production is confirmed with Bachmann and a release date will be advised. People who have ordered 55009 will be able to reserve the same certificate numbers. Further details will be sent out with the Alycidon models. Please also accept our apologies if you have had trouble getting through to our sales department on the telephone. This is because our sales officer is at present working a twelve hour day. It would be much appreciated if you could please send your orders by post using the printable order form available via the Sales Page. You can email - you will receive a reply but please be patient. All profits from our sales go toward the upkeep of our three Deltics."

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