Trade News - Bachmann Class 20s & Deltics

According to the latest information received from our Bachmann rep, it is hoped that the following items will be received before Christmas:-

32-025 Class 20 BR blue 20063 32-026 Class 20 BR blue 20192 32-028 Class 20 BR green D8134 32-525 Class 55 BR green D9004 32-526 Class 55 BR blue 55020

The manufacturer already claims to be sold out of the first batches of

*Deltics* and is accepting no further order from retailers for them in 2003.
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John Turner
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excellent news.

I wonder why we've seen nothing of the 20? The Deltic has appeared at shows and had it's pic plastered all over the net and the mags, but we've seen nothing of the 20 at all (or at least, I haven't!) Obviously pre-publicity works, as the pre-order situation for the Bachmann Deltic and Hornby Hoover proves, so why no fuss about the 20? All seems a bit odd to me.


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No sign of the Jinty, then?

-- Enzo

I wear the cheese. It does not wear me.

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Enzo Matrix

"Enzo Matrix" wrote

No, but the 45xx is imminent if you're into things GWR!


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John Turner

"John Turner" wrote: >

Oh, look - I'm dancing around the table. No, really. It's about time we had some no-GWR-east-of-Abingdon-and-where's-Birmingham-let-alone-London-Blytones que-more-clotted-cream-zur? branch line layouts.

Sorry, I've read rather too many back issues of Railway Modeller recently. It gets to you.

Mark. (I'll wear a fake moustache when I get mine.)

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Mark Dickerson

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