Chips reseting themselves????

Hi everyone, just wondered, I used to have a Hornby select unit with
various chips mostly Hornby, a Lenz some Bachmann and a couple of
Sound chips SWD, now changed to Roco Multimaus and some locos are
reseting them selves to ID3 some I program on my programing track and
when I transfer to the Layout they change back straight away most
chips I have no problems with just 4 or 5 engines (all Hornby) but one
chip also Hornby is fantastic no problems ever???? anyone any ideas?
Thanks Phil
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This reseting thing is a known problem with Hornby chips. Return them for a refund and buy some proper ones.
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An article in scalefour news on this very subject suggested that the chip (R8215) could be inserted the wrong way round. In this case he thing gives many resetting problems -- if it is correct then it merely resets to address3 for all kinds of reasons ( short circuits on the track and, I suspect, any close sparking activity). The author has sworn to ditch his Hornby chips soonest!
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Peter Abraham
The lights work ok on the models that have them and some are hard wired in following the instructions with the chip, I will be looking to replace all hornby chips asap. does anyone know how to program 4 digit codes into the Roco Multimaus? have heard it is a compicated affair involving Hex numbers? Thanks in advance Phil
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I would ring the Hornby Helpline on +44 (0)1843 233525 (or email) rather than just ditch them.
They may be prepared to swap them for the latest version which has been improved.
Generally they do try to be helpful. Won't have 4 digit addressing yet though.
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David Westerman
even though 1 has been hard wired into a loco? I realise the hornby chips wont have 4 digit addresses, but also have some Bachmann, Ztc, SWT and a Lenz chip and wondered about them? also thought Hornby chips were supposed to go up to 127? Thanks again Phil
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