DCC Hornby Bulleids

Has anyone successfully put a DCC chip in a Hornby Merchant Navy. I have two
awaiting fitment, which chips would be recommended? I have yet to open my
locos up to see how much space is available, would an N gauge chip be
Is there much space insdie a Q1? Would that need a smaller scale chips in
So far I have chipped several locos, but ones with large space inside the
body, I used Lenz LE1024 chips, free wires ones on a couple of Hornby locos
(one in my 9F and another in my M7!) and a socket one on my Bachmann 24.
I've done one of my Lima 37s.
As an aside, you can see I have quite a mixture of stock, there are two ways
I can justify running such a mixture:
1- It is a model of a fictional preservation society.
2- Its my layout so I'll run what I want!
Thanks in advance for any help.
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