Cromptons (with slightly flat roofs)

Hmm, just got the Heljan Crompton 33 004 in DCE livery, and one of the first
things I noticed was the slightly flattened appearance to the roof. Having
seen these almost every day in my 'yoof' as 33/1s hauling services between
Bournemouth and Weymouth, I believe I have a reasonable memory of their
appearance (not to mention still seeing them in preservation and on the odd
mainline working). And I don't remember the roof being quite that low...
Off course, my memory could be playing tricks on me...
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Ian J.
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I've had a go at measuring a prototype loco (non-Hastings gauge). As it was under overhaul, I could get to the roof panels from inside the cab. My measurements came to 8'7 5/8" from the underside of the solebars to the mid-arc pint of the roof panelling. At the moment I believe the major arc to be 6'1 9/16" radius, though I'd prefer to find a manufacturers' drawing before cutting metal for a model.
HTH, Francis K.
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Francis Knight

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