DCC plugs and sockets

Anyone one know a supplier of NMRA compliant DCC plugs and sockets, in particular the 4x2 rectangular type as fitted to 00 DCC ready locos?

I was at Scaleforum on Saturday and was unimpressed by All-Components when they were unable to help me. I revised my opinion when I visited the ZTC stand, who informed me that they had to make their own as they could not find a supplier either. ZTC apparently do not supply their plugs and sockets as free standing items.

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Terry O'Brien
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Easy enough to make. Most electronic part suppliers sell strips of PC plugs in snap-strips. Snap off 4 lots of 4, glue 2 of these together in 2 x 4 configuration to make a socket (solder wires from brushes, lights, pick ups, etc, to outside of exposed pins. Don't forget the heat shrink tubing to make sure it is isolated.

Now glue the other 2 together in the same configuration, this time tin the wires from the decoder, insert into the open part of the pins and touch with iron. Again, remember the heat shrink. You now have instant plug (a) which fits perfectly into instant socket (b).

I even think the geometry lines up with the NRMA plug/socket spacing, but I am quite willing to be corrected if this is not so.

Steve Newcastle-on-Hunter, NSW, Aust.

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Steve Magee

Phil: if you want to pay the pre-made prices, both Lenz and ZTC actually include them in their catalogues (even if they then try to persuade you otherwise

8-) )

Lenz: LY014 8pinNMRA plug and 88mm cable LY012 8pinNMRA at one end and circuit-board in-line connector (8 way) the other LY011 bare wire ends to circuit board (in line) 8 was connector (similar to that for the ZTC215?)

A different, but related enquiry from me... Interfacing the ZTC 8pin DIN to either the 5pin DIN or 6pin'western'/IDC connector of current LENZ Xpressnet bus?

Has anyone doen it, and what connections? (The new ZTC software (which I believe should be compatible with the latest Lenz protocol) should be out in about 2 weeks, apparently. ((Then I can use the XTC phone adapter as a remote, I hope))

I'm a bit disappointed that the new remore will only do 99 points (but all

10000 locos - even with only a 2 digit LLED display (from what it looks like in the advert)
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That would solve the plug requirement, with the unnecessary complication of removing existing leads from the plug or the decoder. However I want to convert my locos to DCC ready status so I still need sockets unless I hardwire the decoders.


Steve Magee wrote:

Probably the right pitch but usually have square pins AFAIK.

There is no shortage of non-compliant solutions. 8-(#

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Terry O'Brien

There are adapter cable diagrams on the ZTC website, at least there were last time I looked. Keith Make friends in the hobby. Visit Garratt photos for the big steam lovers.

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Keith Norgrove

No, "socket strip" as I think was being referred to is usually round pin. See section 9 of the Rapid catalogue at

formatting link
Look for 2.54mm SIL headers and sockets. You can buy it as two rows so no need for glueing. They even stock ready made 2x4 section for the more lazy.


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Phil: Thanks for that - they are on the MANUALS page (not in Q+A as I had checked) I see that the manuals are back, having been off-line a while back, around the time the new manual was produced; however, the manuals I checked on-line (as of this morning) are OLD versions (except the summer2003 summary) - this does them no favours:....

The budget 215 manual still describes it as addressing 1-127 only, with no mention that it can be programmed to all 9999 addresses o the current standard (as is mentioned in a different ZTC manual, that ALL their decoders from the relevant date, a few years back, do so)

I note that the summary brochure states that ALL the ZTC modules now incorporate their Whisper Drive.

I look forward to reading a copy of the new manual(s*), which I will be ordering with my 511 s/w upgrade shortly.

Based on what is mentioned in the latest ad, it appears that it moves from X-bus to Xexpress-bus (higher speed), but I don't know whether its computer interface has been enabled yet ?

*The new 511 manual was printed earlier this year, and a new combined all-decoder manual was 'in preparation'.
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