Deltic sound

I am considering purchasing a sound-fitted Deltic from Olivia's Trains and
wondered if anybody had any experience of these models and their sound
I have seen some videos on YouTube but it was very difficult to tell
whether the sound was realistic.
Many thanks
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Lloyd Butler
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"Lloyd Butler" wrote
Bachmann have been unable to find a suitable speaker which will provide the right 'depth' of base sound for their sound-equipped class 55.
It will be interesting to know whether OT have managed to come up with something which does justice to the noise a 'Deltic' made.
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John Turner
Hi I had a demo at OT last week - and in my opinion it really sounds great - just like a real one - (should know done 1,000's of mile up the sharpe end of D9000)
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They say " The Deltic Preservaation Society have approved the sound " so ...... !
It's not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of fight in the dog.
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chris.brett58 wrote in news:
I took the plunge, bought one - and all I can say is fantastic! I'd recommend it to every Deltic fan.
Thanks for the recommendation.
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Lloyd Butler

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