GWR - AEC railcars/#22:

Anyone have a website that they would care to share concerning this
Had a Lima model several years ago, miss it badly.
Maybe, maybe not if it could be used as an interchange unit on a L.M.S.
freelance layout or not, I just like the things.
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"Papa Bear" wrote
No, but there's an excellent OPC book entitled "The History of the Great Western AEC Diesel Railcars" compiled by C W Judge (ISBN 0-86093-139-0) which although out of print, should be available at most good libraries.
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John Turner
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Michael & Louise Wonham
I haven't seen one, but they were loaned out for trial in various places including AFAIR Scotland. I've seen a photograph of one on the London Transport Chesham branch.
Which would give you an excuse.
The LMS (or maybe the Midland) had their own road/rail buses. K's used to make a kit for these. I don't know how successful or widespread these were.
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Christopher A. Lee
Dudley, what a wonderful station, half G.W. half L.M.S. all the goods you could imagine and 7Fs and panniers and... and and.. and it's all gone.
DAvid Chorley
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