Honrby Vs Gaugemaster power

Ken Wilson wrote:nnn.

More reliable and better control, we (royal, SWTSMBO) have had gaugemaster HH for years using a very old cased transformer as supply, no probs, and with the pot (on the pcb) tweeked the slow running is very good. The boys HAD two Hornby units (one each) and now are using Mum's HH as one's died, my electronics eng. at work took one look and said bin it and he'll build me a better unit for the price of a pint! That said I've recently bought a gaugemaster D twin secondhand for them and Mum can have her HH back.

You might also consider Kentrol if combined fixed and remote ops might be required, havn't used them, but they might be worth a look?


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My 12 ft x 9 ft base boards are nearly up and its time to start planning the mine field that is for me "power & electrics."

Is the actually any thing wrong with the Hornby Controllers (all my Hornby and Bachmann locos are newish in that they are all made in China and run fine on our little H&M Flyer) and what is the difference between a Hornby Hm

2000 and HM 4000 controller?

How do they measure up against Gaugemaster.

A 4 track Hornby set up (HM 2000) would cost me £80 and a 4 track Gaugemaster would cost me £90.

Any advice on either of the above would be gratefully accepted.

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Phil: And a DCC starter set would cost about the same (look for current offers in magazines- including controller itself, transformer/power supply and a module.

Fitting is easy in most stock

and it will save all that expense and hassle on antique wiring systems

(a Zero-1 user nor using DCC, MTS and Zero-1)

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"Piemanlarger" wrote

Spend £90 and get the job done properly unless you want to consider DCC as someone else has suggested.


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John Turner

Thanks chaps, Gaugemaster it is then. DCC is good, but with about 90 locos to chip the cost and effort puts it too long term. I want a train running by Tuesday for my son's 3rd birthday, which is of course the only reason I am building a model Railway!!!


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In message , Piemanlarger writes

Yeah, right, we believe you.

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John Sullivan

Ok, I have been sussed, there are not 90 different locos in the Hornby Thomas the Tank engine range!

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YEah, we know (wink)

That's the only reason I

- ahem - WE got ours... Now he's 5 I sometimes let him in the loft to see it - as long as he doesn't touch !!!!

Is there another reason for having kids? Pretty expensive excuse though.


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Ah, but the cost of modules for each locomotive will easily push the price into several hundred, if not thousands (depending on how many locos are needed to be run).

Ian J.

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Ian J.

"John Sulliv

3 yr olds on their birthday are not a good time to introduce them to the delights of a railway.... but they are fine with it the rest of the time.

and 3 yr olds with their friends are best kept out all together.

But, seriously - why is the guagemaster better? more reliable? better slow running?

ken "had to play scalextric rather than trains tonight before he went to bed - huh" W

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Ken Wilson

At least I'm building mine in my son's room ... :-)

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Chris Wilson

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