Industries served by rail

I am looking for ideas for industries served by rail with the hope of
emulating them. Although I have some diagrams showing track layouts (from
books such as An Historical Survey of Selected LMS stations Vol 1 by Hendry
and Hendry), I am interested to know what such industries would have
received and sent. For example:
Coal mine:
Sent: Coal
Received: Empty Mineral Wagons
Sent: Beer in Vans
Received: Grain in Hoppers, Coal / Oil in Mineral Wagons / Tanks
Does anybody have any good suggestions for resources (eg books or internet
links or magazine articles) to find out such things? I am modelling the
Midland Region in the 60s and am interested in placing my railway in
context, more for opertional and scenic interest than anything else.
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Michael Walker
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"Michael Walker" wrote I am looking for ideas for industries served by rail with the hope of
Michael, Just three of the top of my head... The Leek and Manifold Narrow gauge carried milk on it's converter wagons from Ecton Dairy, which was transferred to the standard gauge track (same wagon) and conveyed, presumably via Stoke, to London for consumption...
The Southern terminus of our preservation line (The Churnet valley railway) still has the features from the sand quarry, which went to St Helens for making into glass bottles, I think, Pilkingtons. The other branch was a quarry (Caldon, nr Waterhouses where the L&M See above^^ transferred) and carried stone, presumably for roads etc as it is now run by Tarmac.
One final point of interest, the Black Lion PH at Consall on our line originally had the beer delivered by railway as it was about 20ft from its cellar doors, and was a lot smoother journey that the rough cart track that you still have to come down today!.
Hope this helps. -- Andy Sollis CVMRD
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the illegal immigration industry on the channel tunnel
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