Info request - LNER J27 no. 1056

My Dad's currently building an Alexander Models J27, and it's going
together very well. It's intended to be 1056, one of the 1909 Robert
Stephenson batch and one of only two that stayed at Sunderland their
whole career. Time period is 1930s.
One slight snag is that, other than a couple of photos of it in late
BR days, we have no photographs of it at all. The batch it was part of
had tenders with three coal rails, water pickup gear fitted, the
round-top toolboxes and NER tapered buffers with collar.
Unfortunately, by the time the photos I've seen were taken it had
acquired a tender with two coal rails off a different engine and also
received LNER Group Standard buffers at some point, but the entry in
Yeadons 47B doesn't say when this was done or when the water pickup
gear was removed from its original tender. I have mislaid RCTS Part 5.
Does anyone have any ideas? We could probably guess but it'd be nice
to know for sure.
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Graham Thurlwell
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Looking at Part 5, all it says is that the tenders tended to stay with the original batch they were built for up to WW2, so you're probably safe with the original pattern. No info on the pickup gear or the buffers, alas.
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Tim Illingworth
Thanks. Yeadon's says that the pickup gear was removed from the ones which had it "during the 1930s" and has some pictures of other engines in the batch where it's no longer present.
The plain black livery with the number on cab came in in 1928, so if Dad did build 1056 with the pickup gear on and the old buffers it probably would've looked like that at one point. Would be nice to be sure though!
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Graham Thurlwell

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