joining diecast metal

I am working on a project where I need to join two pieces of diecast metal together. I know that this stuff doesn't join too well, but can anybody recommend an adhesive for making such joints? It won't be under any load or stress.



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Chris Wilson

I would drill and pin!. Use the stub of a small broken drill bit for the pins if you have nothing else suitable. Alternatively, screw a brass plate across the join.

Regards, Greg.P.

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"Stu" wrote

Depends upon the surface area to be joined. If there's a reasonable flat area on both pieces then superglue will probably do the trick.


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John Turner


If the joining surfaces are clean, I would try some 24 hour Araldite. Leave the metal in a warm place (top of radiator, close to a light bulb) to speed up the hardening process. Araldite works very well with a rough surface, so it helps the adhesion if you score or scratch the surfaces to be joined. If they are two broken bits of diecast metal which will have very rough surfaces, then that would be ideal.


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Jim Guthrie

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