Kadees on Bachmann, Mainline

I'm looking to kit out my Bachmann / Mainline / Dapol Wagon fleet with Kadees.

The bachmann ones with NEM pockets were straightforward, #19s being Ideal for me. # 18's would have meant cutting off the ornamental coupling hook to fit the knuckle.

The problem I have is that the screws provided with the models are too short to attach the kadees.

Does anyone know (or can supply) longer screws that would fit the following stuff:

mainline wagons x20ish Dapol wagonsSimilar to mainline type)x4 Bachmann J72 (mainline couplings)x4 Bachmann V1

Or are there any catalogue companies that sell various sizes of screws?

I have a test kit in the post kadee #13 in the post to determine what I need w.r.t. kadees, so I'll be able to determine exactly what I need w.r.t. them, but as I don't want to be glueing and hacking away at my models. I'll buy couplings from any dealer that can supply the screws.

I'm happy to try out different ones (or cut down screws that are too long) I fully appreciate that there may be a bit of trial-and-error.

Thanks for reading! Any help is greatly appreciated!


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Craig Douglas
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For the majority of Kadee's that require screws a 2mm dia x 7mm should be long enough. Mainly Trains have stock until you can find someone local. Use a little double sided tape under the NEM/Kadee to stop droop. Besides buying No 18's or 19's get some 20's they are useful when you need to put a screw through the shortened tail of a NEM fitting. You may find the good old reliable No 5 an essential part of the couplings needed. Don't forget to buy the Kadee height gauge.

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is the best artical around on adapting Kadee's to typical British R-T-R stock

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In message , Craig Douglas writes

I'm not too bothered about the ornamental hook. I use No. 17s on Bachmann goods wagons, because they seem to couple them at the right distance apart, and the gap with No. 18s is too wide.

Try Items Mail Order (who advertise in Railway Modeller). They will sell nuts and bolts in all sorts of sizes and lengths, in 25s and 100s rather than the silly packs of 10 that others supply.

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John Sullivan

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