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The organisers,AMRSS, had announced that a limited edition (500) of a 158 in First Scotrail Barbie livery would be available at the Model Rail Scotland exhibition last weekend, with any remaining available on mail order on a first come, first served basis. A good idea, with a further incentive to visit the show (if one were needed), presumably AMRSS make a little money and modellers of the OO contemporary Scottish scene have another r-t-r model that could be used on many layouts.

However, on Friday evening the show website advised that all the models were sold out, and from observations and conversations at the show, it appears that some individuals purchased bulk quantities - 25 and 60 were mentioned. And, surprise, surprise, by Saturday evening the £85 models in unopened wrapping were appearing on e-bay at prices of up to £200. Now some sellers are asking £225!

Is this free-market capitalism at its best, or worst, or to serve modellers rather than collectors and speculators should the organisers have limited purchases to one per customer per transaction? Is such a demand usual, and will it tempt Bachmann to produce their own model in this livery at a later date?

Mike B

And, no, I'm not selling mine!

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Mike B
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Surely they should have limited it to one per person? I believe you had to physically attend the show to purchase one, so its not a case of sending in multiple applicatins.

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John Ruddy

Damn, I wish I'd bought one for ebay..............

I was there on Friday and apparently one trader walked up with a couple of grand cash!!

Cheers, Mick

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"Mike B" wrote

AMRSS I assume is a non-commercial organisation and would simply want to sell them as quickly as possible rather than be lumbered with unsold models. It does sound rather unfortunate though if they were willing to sell in such large quantities to individuals (or retailers?).

Bachmann produced the 158 in 'original' Scotrail livery a few years back and they sold out very quickly, they then produced another batch which have been much slower to sell and I believe are still available - we've certainly still got them on our shelves.


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John Turner

I can fully appreciate the desire to be rid of the financial liability of

500 models, but part of the bill was that there would be the posibility of buying a 'show model' they should have offered any surplus for sale in bulk after the show rather than disapoint the hoardes that might have wanted one by having none left for sale on Saturday and Sunday.

There wasn't much to buy at the show either.......I might even have bought one myself if I'd had the oportunity.

It does seem encouraging that they were able to shift all the models with ease - there'll probably be more to buy in the future.


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Craig Douglas

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