Mineral Fibre Board

Has anyone come across this stuff in the UK?
There was an article in the September 1994 issue of Model Railroader
about building roadbed with something called Micore 300, which is a
mineral fibre board, made with slag from the steel industry.
Obviously Micore (a product of USG Interiors Inc.) is not available in
the UK, but is there something similar?
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Jane Sullivan
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think of that crumbly stuff that suspended ceiling tiles or made of
used to be made in Co.Durham when we had a steel works and a rail line to supply it but that ended during the rule of thatcher
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Andrew Carr
In message , Andrew Carr writes
I don't think this is anything like that. It is touted as being an alternative to plywood, but it's stronger, and fireproof. It comes in 8 ft. x 4 ft. sheets.
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Jane Sullivan
In the article referenced by the OP, Micore was touted as a replacement for Homasote. Moisture doesn't affect its dimensional stability and, IIRC, the thickness of Micore was more consistent. Micore does cost more than Homasote.
I do know a local modeller who's using Micore and he thinks it's great stuff.
I don't know what the UK equivalent, if any, might be. For that matter, I don't even know if Homasote is available in the old country :-).
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Larry Blanchard
Came across something similar in the local tile shop. Sold as a waterproof backing sheet for tiling to. Wasn't particularly flat though, had a pronounced bow to it. Very stiff. Not light either.
Might be worth a look just to eliminate.
Sundeala was the bees knees (in the UK) at one time but seems to have gone out of favour.
Regards Len
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Here's a link to Cliff Barker who supplies a 12mm waterproof baseboard suitable for outdoor garden railway use:
formatting link
don't know if that is what you are looking for!
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In message , Hugh writes
I don't know, either, as there are no details given at all. And in any case I want something for an indoor layout. I'm thinking of using 12 mm. Latvian birch ply.
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Jane Sullivan

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