Minimum usable rdius on 5" gauge?

My garden is only 30' foot wide and it seemed to me that any
5" gauge layout would be limited to an out-and-back straight run.
However, at the recent Bristle exhibition, one supplier was selling
Y-points with only a 10' radius.
Therefore, how many of the standard designs, Sweet Pea, Simplex,
Speedy, etc, would negotiate such curves?
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Airy R Bean
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Most of the short 0-4-0 trains should go round that (but the manufacturers won't say so) and I believe the Ride-On-Railways electric can even get to 8 foot but not recommended.
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Josh Haigh
Probably depends on how much gauge-widening you employ on your curves. Also, the speed that you propose to take the locos around them.
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