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I've just built a couple of Parkside Dundas SR utlity van kits. The instructions suggest using Precision Paints but provide reference numbers prefixed with the letter 'B'. However, this numbering system doesn't appear to be used anywhere else (for example, Mainly Trains use a 'PH' or 'PHP' prefixed number). Can anyone point me in the direction of a reference chart where I might be able to find out which paints are actually being referred to in the instructions?


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Matt Ots
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On 15/04/2006 15:15, Matt Ots said,

Precision Paints used the B prefix donkeys years ago. The current prefix is P, but the B numbers appear to have no correlation to the P numbers.

I would suggest you either contact Parkside, asking them to update their instructions, or go to

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and work out what you need from there. I don't find it the easiest website to use, but it is all there somewhere.

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