B set coaches

I have in my possession a pair of model B set coaches in BR maroon livery
professionally renumbered as m6894m and m6890m.
Were any B sets reallocated to the Midland Region and if so wouldn't the
final 'm' have stayed as a 'w' to signify the coach's pre-nationalisation
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Roger Thomas
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"Roger Thomas" wrote
Parts of the Regional network were reorganised in the late 50s and again in the early 1960s so it's perfectly feasible that some B-set coaches which originally worked on the GWR and later BR(WR) suddenly found themselves in use on freshly designated BR(LMR) territory. Certainly this occurred on parts of the LMR in Yorkshire which overnight became part of BR(NER).
Now with regard to the suffix to such coach numbers, I would have thought that a 'W' was more appropriate, but that level of consistency didn't always arise as errors were made.
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John Turner

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