Something really obvious when you think about it

Couple of quick tips that work for me ...
If like me you have a static layout with lots of pointwork, isolated
sections and the like and consider DCC to be for wimps then like me
you'll have lots and lots of wires running in all directions under the
Now if again like me you're a bit of a skinflint you don't like parting
with money, tag-strip, terminal blocks and the like come in to the category
of being luxury items.
So ... I've started left over screws screwed in on the frame under the
table as terminal blocks, you can wrap any number of wires around them to
make joins, douse the lot in solder and Bob's your uncle ... very reliable,
very low cost and very easy to do.
Also whilst we're on the subject I've just finished making up a control
panel, circular (12P) switch and eleven toggle switches in an area around 4
inches by 5 (provision also made to put in 23 grain of wheat bulbs ... as
can be imagined with all those connections in close proximity it's very
easy to get a short ... especially as I'm to tight to pay out for
veroboard, tag-strip etc etc and prefer to simply solder connecting wires
together and hope for the best. Well another long story short, the glue
from a hot glue gun makes an excellent insulator, bob a dab over a soldered
joint and the possibility of shorting out disappears.
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Chris Wilson
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Or you could do what one of our employees in Wales did and "borrow" eight miles of wiring and switches from work over a 22 year period to construct his layout. Lucky for him we're all model railway enthusiasts and at least it got us a plug in Model Rail.
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